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Youngtimers Ask the Expert

How to talk to kids about familial Alzheimer's disease

A conversation with social worker Dr. Hennig-Trestman about how to speak with children about a neurological disease that runs in the family  

Dr. Hennig-Trestman is an Assistant Professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Director of the Carilion Clinic Huntington's Disease Program at Carilion Clinic. She is also the author of the book: "Talking with Kids about HD." She has over 30 years of expertise providing and guiding clinical services to patients and families suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Her research focuses on developing effective strategies for parents to discuss and navigate a Huntington's disease, a disease very similar to early onset familial Alzheimer's disease (EOFAD), risk and diagnosis with children. 

In this video, Dr. Hennig-Trestman answers questions about effective strategies and her recommendations for talking to children about EOFAD. These questions include: Is it beneficial or detrimental to shield children from knowledge about EOFAD in the family? What are the pros and cons of telling children this information? What is the best way to disclose this information? How to disclose information in an age-appropriate manner? 

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