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Navigating major life changes and decisions can seem overwhelming on their own, but for individuals and families facing early onset familial Alzheimer's disease, this disease adds another layer of complexity. Youngtimers seeks to lessen this burden by providing critical education and informational resources, including: how-to guides, patient perspective pieces, and recorded webinars/informational workshops on genetic testing, clinical trial participation, reproductive and fertility options – including fertility preservation and in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic testing, and caregiving strategies.

Egg & Sperm Freezing:

Ask the Expert

Dr. Kondapalli

Genetic Testing:

Ask the Expert

Jill Goldman

Trial Participation:

Ask the Expert

Dr. Bateman

Overview of Current and Future Therapies

Genetic Testing: Step-by-Step

Guide & Top FAQs

Genetic Testing: 

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