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Dear EOFAD patients and family members,

I wish that you and your family would not need to join this community. I wish that EOFAD didn’t exist and that there would be no need for Youngtimers. Unfortunately, EOFAD does exist, but I want you to know that you are not alone. Youngtimers is dedicated to supporting patients and families throughout their journey with EOFAD. I lost my father to EOFAD at a young age and having this community has brought me so much hope and strength. With Youngtimers, know that you have an advocate, know that you have a research partner, know that you have a friend, know that you have a place to turn even in the most difficult of times. We are here for you. Welcome to the Youngtimers family.

Start your journey by learning about the disease and the basics of EOFAD.

What is EOFAD?

We have an incredible community of patients, family members, caregivers, genetic counselors, and researchers. By joining our community, we’ll provide you updates on patient resources and information. We can also answer questions and connect you with other patients in our community.

Become a member of the Youngtimers community

The DIAD facebook group is a private virtual community that connects EOFAD patients and families to ask questions and provide support to one another.

Join the Facebook group

The diagnosis of EOFAD can be scary and isolating. EOFAD patients and families face difficult decisions and challenges. Connect with others via online support groups, the patient ambassador program, or by telling your story.

Find support

Youngtimers is here to help. Contact us via email or by filling out the form here.

Contact us

Newly Diagnosed

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